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Contact Information:
Kim Pfister
W720 County Hwy A
Stone Lake, WI  54876

All litters whelped at Rainmaker Labs are owned by me and
under my control and supervision,
State of Wisconsin. License No. 267973-DS
All of my puppies are bred and sold as working dogs.

  2018 Results -dogs bred (sire or dam) and/or owned by us

    11/16/18 Tom Jelsema and UH HRCH Taz passed both Master tests at Cooper River, SC, giving her 3 MH passes as a 2 y/o.

    Derby National Finalist and National Derby List!!! Reece Jump's June, handled by Christian Alt, big congratulations to this
    Mully/Dyna pup and her team!

    10/13 Marin RC- Cyndie and Jersey finish their Master Hunter title!

    9/15/18 LaCrosse RC- Greg Peyer and Bucky finished Bucky's Senior Hunter title! Bucky is FC AFC Snapper x Temper, MH,
    repeat.  While Phil Downing's Winnie ran and passed her first JH. Winnie is Wager x Reva.

    9/8/18 NDRC-Ransom/Lady daughter Chloe, bred by Jason/Lisa Gordon, owned by Kim Harris, handled by Lauren
    Springer, started her HT career with her first JH pass.
9/7/18 Backwater RC - Tom Jelsema and Taz (Snapper x Dyna)  hit the HT again, with their first MH pass.

    9/1/18 Madison RC- Andy Platz and Lucy earned their 2nd MH pass.  Hennepin RC - Cory Griffin's two Wager pups finished
    their JH titles by passing both days.

    8/25/18  Jack and Lincoln finished his Junior title in 4 straight passes, while two Wager daughters bred by Cory Griffin
    ran and passed their first two JH. Another Wager son, Bear, from Kathy Strong's breeding, earned his second JH pass
    with owner Andy Kurtz.

    8/18/18 Rue finished her Senior title going 5 straight passes, by 10 months of age!!!

    8/10/18  Cory Loeffler and "Rue" do it again, earning two more Senior passes and Rue is just 10 months old!  And another
    Mully/Dyna pup enters the game. Jack Hoffman's "Lincoln" passed both the Juniors at Hennepin his first time out.

    8/3/18 Big River Vinny finished his JH title, bred by Wendi Mattinen, Wager x her Rainmaker's Mystic Mila, MH/QAA.

    7/29/18-"Rue" Loeffler (Wager, MH/QA2 x Reva, MH) earned her 3rd SH pass and finished her HRC HR title, handled by her
    owner Cory. "Bucky" Peyer (FC AFC Snapper x Temper, MH) earned his 3rd Senior pass, handled by his owner, Greg
    Peyer. "Lady" Holand finished her Senior title going 4/4 with trainer Lauren Springer and "June" Jump earned a Derby
    3rd with trainer Christian Alt to qualify her for the Derby National this fall. Both Lady and June are from NAFC FC Mully x
    Dyna, MH/QA2.
7/21//18 West Allis RC-Andy Platz and 18 month old Lucy (Wager/Mila) earned their first Master pass!

    7/21/18 Mississippi Headwaters HT-Annie passed both Juniors to finish her JH title! Handled by Mark Vossbein.
               Chris Smith's Fire, handled by Rusty Haglund, earned her Master Hunter title! Fire is Rooster x Bounce. Lady" Holand   
earned her 2nd SH pass.  Wager/Mila son Vinny (bred by Wendi Mattinen) earned his 3rd JH pass. Wager/Reva daughter Rue
earned her 2nd SH pass with owner Cory Loeffler.

    7/15/18 North Dakota RC- Leoffler's Goose Stew Just Add Rue earned her first SH pass at 9 months old, trained and
    handled by Cory Loeffler. Rue is Wager, MH/QA2 x Reva, MH.

    7/7/18 Coastal Bend Retriever Club  Annie passed her second JH (Mark Vossbein). Race finished his Senior Title and
    Reva finished her Master title!!!  The Holand's Lady, from Mully x Dyna, also ran and passed her first Senior. Race, Reva
    and Lady were handled by Lauren Springer/Dynamic Retrievers.  A Wager son from Kathy Strong's breeding, Andy
    Kurtz's Bear, passed his first JH.

    6/30/18 Rainmaker's Little Birdy Anne ran and passed her first JH, handled by Mark Vossbein at the Iron Range HT.

    6/15/18 Race earned his 3rd Senior Pass and Reva her 5th Master pass, handled by Lauren Springer at CMRC.

    6/15/18 Chuck & Laura Poat's Bradley finished his HRCH title while their Moses got his first Seasoned pass!

    6/10/18  Race earned his second Senior pass and Reva her 4th Master pass, handled by Lauren Springer, MFTA.

    6/1/18 Race earned his first Senior pass and Reva got her 3rd Master pass, handled by Lauren Springer at Northern Flight.
               Temper/Wager daughter Jersey earned her 4th MH pass with owner Cyndie Hammett.

    5/26/18  Greg Peyer's Bucky (FC AFC Snapper x Temper, MH) earned his 2nd SH pass at Horicon HT.

    5/21/18 Reece Jump's June Jammed another Derby at Rose Country.

    5/20/18 Fox Valley HT- Mila/Wager daughter Lucy In the Field with Birds earned her 3rd SH pass. Owner Andy Patz.

    5/5/18 Wager son Kota finished his JH with breeder/trainer Adam Bally.

    4/28/18 Wager son Kota earned JH #3 with breeder/trainer Adam Bally. Wager/Mila pup Vinny earned another HT pass as

    4/23/18-Kansas City RC- Reece Jump's June RJ in the Derby.

    4/23/18  Mike Vaughn's Journey, MH, finished his HRCH title.

    4/13/18 Brazosport FT-TX-Reece Jump's June earned another JAM in the Derby.

    4/7/18 GHGRC-TX- The Barrett's Biggee finished his JH title with Lauren Springer handling.

    3/31/18-Heart of Texas RC- Wager son Kota earns 2nd JH pass with Adam Bally.

    3/23/18 Alamo TX - Race finishes his JH going 4/4. Lady also finished her JH and Biggee earned his 3rd JH pass, all
    handled by Lauren Springer.

             3/18/18- Tallahasee HRC-Andy Patz's Lucy (Wager x Mila) earns her 2nd SH pass.

    3/18/18 Rockwall TX-June earns a Jam in Derby  (shout out to Wager's sister for winning the Am at Black Warrior too!)

    3/10/18-PRTA TX-Rocket's Hotter than a Chimney Fire, June (NAFC Mully x Dyna, MH/QA2) earned 2nd place in the Derby.
    Owned by Reece Jump, handled by Christian Alt.

    3/10/18 Coastal Bend RC- Reva passed her 2nd MH, handled by Lauren Springer. Race and Lady picked up another JH
    each, all handled by Lauren Springer.
    Hawksheads Dakota Prairie Thunder (Wager MH/QA2 x Bally's Just Plain Ol' Vanilla) earned her first JH. Owned by Troy
    Hawkshead, handled by Adam Bally.

    3/3/18  Wiregrass-.Lucy in the Field with Birds, (Wager, MH/QA x Mila, MH/QAA), bred by Wendi Mattinen, owned by
    Andrew Patz, passed her first SH  

    2/23/13 Coastal Bend RC- Rainmaker's Pink is the New Red, Reva (FC AFC Snapper x Temper, MH) ran and passed her
    first MH.     Rainmaker's Red Racer by Certainty earned his first two JH passes.
    Barrett's Big Red (HRCH Torg's Hunting Memories MH x Temper, MH) owned by the Barretts,  earned his first two JH.
     Julianna's Ladybug (NAFC FC Mully x Dyna, MH/QA2), owned by the Holands, earned her first two JH. All dogs handled by
    Lauren Springer.

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General Information
Rainmaker Labradors-Bred and Tested for the Field
We have yellows, blacks and chocolates, including occasional fox reds, with field trial/hunt test titles and backgrounds. Our pups are home raised as if each were going to be our own
companion and field dog.
Find Us
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Each litter will have its own page with price listed.  It is a $300
reservation to hold a spot, with balance due at puppy pickup. We match
puppies with homes, in order of deposits received, between 6-7 weeks, prior
to puppy pickup. While visits may be scheduled prior to pickup, such times
depend on our schedule, the health and training and care of our dogs takes
priority.  Puppies may start going home at or after 7 weeks, no sooner, per
state law. There is a 5.5% sales tax on puppies picked up here.
Previous Rainmaker puppy homes get a discount. Deposits are
nonrefundable if there is a puppy of requested gender/color available, unless
I determine puppy is not suitable for a particular home.
Please print, sign and mail the deposit agreement form when you mail your
Deposit Form

AKC paperwork
Vaccination and worming record
Health certificate from vet
Dewclaws removed
Bag of food, toy
Written guarantee and receipt
Weekly photo/video update once puppies are born
Detailed puppy guide
Lifetime support as long as I am able to answer a phone or email message.

Our puppies are raised and live in our home.  We spend a great deal of time
with them daily, as well as keeping everything clean and nice. It is labor
intensive.  We also health test for OFA hips, elbows, eyes, EIC, CNM and
PRA/RD/OSD so as not to produce affected puppies. We keep on top of new
testing as it becomes available. We provide all health clearance info,
pedigrees and registered names for our dogs on our website.

Since 1998, we have trained, hunted and competed our Labs in AKC Hunting
Tests and Field Trials, we have hands on experience, we have seen dogs
WORK. We don't just breed paper and titles. We know the dogs.  
Temperament, looks, health, are just as important as working ability. We try
to "have it all" with our dogs. We aren't new, we aren't splashy and we aren't
a flash in the pan either.  This is our original website, warts and all, from our
first dogs to our current dogs.

Shipping for our working-bred pups is available on a limited basis   We do
prefer people to fly/drive in and meet us and our dogs in person. "Pet only"
puppies will not be shipped and are available only on an occasional basis,
these are working, field-bred Labradors.

We do not do silvers or any other dilute, we never knowingly have, never
will.  We test our Labs now for the dilute gene to make sure we aren't getting
it snuck into our dogs.

Check out our  About Us  page to learn more about our program and see
videos of our puppies and home.

We have accomplished our spring breedings, now expecting blacks, chocolates, yellows with fox
red shade, puppies expected to go home in June and July. Check the
litters page for links.