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Contact Information:
Kim Pfister
W720 County Hwy A
Stone Lake, WI  54876

All litters whelped at Rainmaker Labs are owned by me and
under my control and supervision,
State of Wisconsin. License No. 267973-DS
All of my puppies are bred and sold as working dogs.

2017 Results (dogs bred and/or owned by Rainmaker)

The Miller's "Chief" finished his SH title in quick order with 5 straight passes by 18 months!

The Millers' Rainmaker's Mischievous Chief started his HT career in Sept with his first SH pass. He is FC AFC Snapper x Dyna,
MH/QA2. All three pups in this litter are running HT. The Poats' Moses finished his Started titled out east and will be working his
way up the ladder.  The only female, Taz, earned her HRCH and SH titles before 16 months with owner/trainer Tom Jelsema and
also went to the HRC Grand this fall, completing 3 series before going out in the 4th. Not bad for 17 months!

Soloman, with Stillwater Kennels, finished his SH title, 5 straight passes, before he turned 2.

Soloman (NAFC Mully x Maggie, MH) earned his 3rd SH pass this year.

Torg's French Riviera earned her 3rd JH pass. Jolie is a Bounce daughter.

Craig Minder's Lady (Wager, MH/QA2 x Mila, MH/QAA) finished her JH title at Northern Flight HT.

Craig Minder's Drama earned her first JH pass at 6 months at Northern Flight HT. Drama is Wager x Craig's Annie, MH.

Rainmaker's Got My Mama's Temper "Red", finished her JH title in 4 straight passes.

Joe Maile's "Lasagna" earned his first SH pass at Long Island. He is a Mud/Keegan son.

Sherri Young's Maple earned her 3rd JH pass in Alaska (Snapper x Temper).

Craig Minder's Wager x Mila daughter, Lady, has earned 3 JH passes.

Soloman is now 2/2 in SH with Stillwater Kennels.

Tom Jelsema and Taz finished her HRCH at 16 months. Taz is FC AFC Snapper x Dyna, MH/QA2.

Mike Flanagan's "Pebbles" WON the Madison Qualifying, her first time out! Handled by Dave Ward, Pebbles is a Wager daughter
by Rob Benjamin's PRG Just in Case, JH.

"Jersey" earned her 2nd MH pass with owner Cyndie Hammett, (Wager x Temper).

"Millie" Giordano finished her Senior Title in 5 straight passes (FC AFC Wet Willie x Maggie, MH).

Soloman Solly, JH, (NAFC Mully x Maggie, MH) passed his first SH test, trained/handled by Jim Manson, Stillwater Kennels.

Jolie, a Bounce daughter, is 2/2 in Junior.

Maggie (Grady x HRCH Pepper) ran and passed 2 MH tests to finish her MH title with only one fail in her entire career!

Red (Tanner x Temper) is 3/3 in Junior HT.

Ransom earned his Master Hunter title, going 6 for 7  in tests!

"Millie" Giordano earned another SH pass at North AL.

Mike Vaughn and Winnie earned another MH pass in OH.

Greg Peyer and Bucky passed their first SH on 6/3 at Island View.

The Poat's Bradley earned his first HRC Finished Pass and Moses earned his first two Started passes in CT.

Ransom earned MH passes 3 & 4 with Lauren handling.

Onyx Bruss earned another JH pass.

Tom & Taz ran their first AKC HT, and passed their first SH.

Tom and Taz passed their first HRC Finished test, 5/14/17. Taz is Dyna/Snapper and 13 months old.

Gary Stuckel and Allie passed their first two Upland passes.

Tayson Wilson and Loui (Tanner, MH x Temper, MH) earned Loui's first two JH passes their first weekend out, end of April.

Nick & Becky Bruss and their Bounce son Onyx passed his first two JH tests at Atlanta Retriever Club 4/22 & 23.

Tom & Taz finished her Seasoned title in April.

Tom Jeselma and Taz (FC AFC Snapper x Dyna, MH/QA2) earned her first two HRC Seasoned passes and her upland title by her
first birthday!

Jersey, SH (Wager, MH/QA2 x Temper, MH), ran and passed her first MH, owned/handled by Cyndie Hammet out in sunny
California, on 4/2.

"Millie" Giordano passed her first SH test at South Miss on 3/31. Millie is FC AFC Wet Willie x Maggie, SH.

Ransom, QAA passed his second Master at Alamo, handled by Lauren Springer, on 3/24.

Ransom, QAA passed his first Master at Brazosport, handled by Lauren Springer, on 3/11.

Props to other "Rainmaker relatives":
Dyna's daughter by NAFC Trav, Lady Creek Bay, finished her SH title in 3 straight passes in March and also now a MH pass.
Chad Zeman's Brook, granddaughter of Bounce, earned a Qualifying Third on 3/24.
Brook won River King Qual and became QAA in April.

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General Information
Rainmaker Labradors-Bred and Tested for the Field
We have yellows, blacks and chocolates, including occasional fox reds, with field trial/hunt test titles and backgrounds. Our pups are home raised as if each were going to be our
own companion and field dog.
Please contact for directions or refer to your puppy guide, GPS WILL NOT BRING YOU TO OUR HOUSE.
Find Us
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Fun Video of Puppy
Fetching A Beer
(Cedar puppy)

Puppy prices will generally range from $1000-$1500 depending upon the
breeding, each litter will have it's own page with price listed.  It is a $300
reservation to hold a spot, with balance due at 7 weeks,
when we match the puppies with their new homes (in order deposits
received). There is a 5.5% sales tax on puppies picked up here.
Previous Rainmaker puppy homes get a discount. Deposits are
nonrefundable if there is a puppy of requested gender/color available, unless
I determine puppy is not suitable for a particular home.
Please print, sign and mail the deposit agreement form when you mail your
Deposit Form
AKC paperwork
Vaccination and worming record
Health certificate from vet
Dewclaws removed
Bag of food, collar, toy
Written guarantee
Weekly photo/video update once puppies are born
Detailed puppy guide
Lifetime support to answer questions, return of dog if ever needed

Our puppies are raised and live in our home.  We spend a great deal of time
with them daily, as well as keeping everything clean and nice. It is labor
intensive.  We also health test for OFA hips, elbows, eyes, EIC, CNM and
PRA/RD/OSD so as not to produce affected puppies. We keep on top of new
testing as it becomes available. We post most clearances on the OFA site but
if not there, we put copies on each dog's page, along with registered name
and pedigree.

Since 1998, we have trained, hunted and competed our Labs in AKC Hunting
Tests and Field Trials, we have hands on experience, we have seen dogs
WORK. We don't just breed paper and titles. We know the dogs.  
Temperament, looks, health, are just as important as working ability. We try
to "have it all" with our dogs. We aren't new, we aren't splashy and we aren't
a flash in the pan either.  This is our original website, warts and all, from our
first dogs to our current dogs.

Shipping for our working dogs is available on a limited basis via air using
Delta VIP service, direct flights only, out of MSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul).  Some
ground transport options are also available, such as Bittersweet Pet
Transport.   We do prefer people to fly/drive in and meet us and our dogs in
person. "Pet only" puppies will not be shipped.

We do not do silvers or any other dilute, we never knowingly have, never
will.  We test our Labs now for the dilute gene to make sure we aren't getting
it snuck into our dogs.

Check out our  About Us  page to learn more about our program and see
videos of our puppies and home.
Fox red/yellows coming!
Tesla (Rooster daughter)
has been bred to HRCH
Tanner, MH, due around
March 1st
, home later April.
Chocolates, ready to go
home in May!
HRCH Hooli MH x Rumor, JH
"The Girls" are cooperating
this spring for puppies
home in June, blacks and
yellows expected, contact
me for details.