Wanted just to update you on Moss.  He is doing very
well this season.  He has retrieved more than 140 birds
for me this season.  Here are some pics of him. . . Hope
things are going well for you and your family.
Danny and Michae H.
We are just emailing to keep you up to date with Moss
and his first season accomplishments. He is doing great
and has worked so hard for me this season. I would of
never believed that my first retriever would show this
much talent during his first season. Duck season ends
next Sunday for us and so far Moss has retrieved around
400 birds and has made a handful of blinds that have
been as far out as 200 + yards. He understands what he
needs to do and always turns and looks at me when he
thinks he is getting off course. He is a natural meat dog. I
have taken guys out this year and they can't believe the
things he does at such a young age, don't be surprised if
you get some more requests in Oklahoma for pups. After
this season we are going to start working on his hunt
test titles.
Thanks again
Danny and Michae H.