Rainmaker's Daredevil "Evie"

NAFC FC Mulligan Off The Rainy T x Port Bay's TNT Dynamite-Dyna, MH/QA2

DOB: 8-29-17
OFA: hips:LR-243106F25F-VPI
Elbows: LR-EL92320F25-VPI
,EIC/PRA/RD/OSD/SD2, CMS, Dilute clear
ri factored
60 lbs

Evie is from the repeat breeding of NAFC FC Mully x
Dyna, MH/QA2.  Pups from these two breedings have
earned multiple MH titles, derby points, QAA status,
a Derby National Finalist and Am finish on her first
entry in AA stakes.

Evie is high drive/energy athlete, good natured with
people and other dogs, is not a vocal dog either.

Due to my husband's illness (he's better now) Evie
didn't get the chance to train and run in any events.
She is a hard going dog, loves water, no health

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