Rainmaker Labradors started with our first purebred Labrador in 1998.  That chocolate puppy, Hudson, launched
us on a journey into AKC Hunting Tests and Field Trials that we have never regretted.  We have since bred an
FC AFC, multiple QAA, Derby National Finalist and Hunting Test titled puppies, as well as many beloved hunting
companions. We have attained multiple Master, Senior and Junior Hunters, Qualifed All Age dogs and earned
some Derby ribbons on our own. We use professional trainers to give our dogs a good foundation and keep
them up to speed down south in the winters. I run and train as much as I can in the non-snow months of
Northwest Wisconsin.

I decided to make a page to put up some of the videos I've taken over the years so people can get an idea of
our home and life with our dogs. Many of our puppies go long distances and sometimes, their families don't get
to see our home, though I do weekly videos and photos of each litter.  Our dogs do get not warehoused in
kennels, they are a big part of our everyday lives. My husband and I have been married since 1992, we have 3
grown children and multiple grandkids.  I don't work outside the home anymore, I spend the majority of my time
with my dogs and puppies. I don't just breed to "paper" and hype, I spend alot of time with dogs and dog
people. I don't know everything and I can't promise every puppy will be perfect, these are animals and nature
has a say in things, but I try to make an effort to do the best by my dogs that I can.

We bought this house in 2005. We have 22 acres and the dogs have plenty of room to stretch out, along with
some swimming holes. We have 3 fenced yards attached to the house so they can air safely when we can't go
outside with them, but our dogs are never left outside when we're not home. Our two spare bedrooms were
converted to puppy rooms and the puppies are whelped and raised on the main level where they are part of
everyday activities. By 5-6 weeks, they are running out the front door with me, learning to potty outside. During
warm months, we set up a fenced play yard under a big shade tree out front, during winter months, we
improvise play indoors with various "obstacle"courses and a wide variety of toys. Waterfowl hunting videos are
played and things like hot air poppers used to introduce puppies to loud noises.

Our lower level walkout is set up for the dogs that aren't loose on the main level, rotating upstairs in turns (you
can only have so many dogs loose in a house at once).  They are in and out of the fenced yards throughout the
day when we aren't actively training. Plenty of tug ropes, balls, Kongs and swimming pools in the summer.

Our dogs spend their lives here. We don't place them upon retirement from breeding, unless there is a special
situation.  We love puppies and we love the gray-faced seniors and as hard as it is, we owe it to them to be
there holding on when they must leave us. Some of ours are buried overlooking the field they loved to roam,
with roses and lillies blooming among them, others have their ashes in places of honor around the house.

I selected these videos to show the house, fields and yard as well as the puppies and dogs. There are plenty
more on my Youtube channel and Facebook page.

2011-Sisters Rainey & Streak, Rainey's daughter Chili and Tippy, the lone chocolate.               

 The five eldest at the time, January of 2016. Keegan, Gumbo, Chili, Lexie and Sugar in the back field.

  A litter of 12 at 6 weeks, romping through the house

  Using a hot air popcorn popper for noise intro to puppies.

  Obstacle course, changing items every day

   View from our kitchen window

    View from our back deck overlooking the training field.

    Puppies in the kitchen

     Mike doing some fine puppy training.

    Chili & Reva playing in living room.

    Puppy play yard                                Puppy Play yard II

    Swimming in the snowmelt

     Puppies in the snow.                        More puppies in snow

    Front yard
  Dogs on furniture                               More dogs just laying around.

    Bear in the back field                        The house from the back field                 Deer & Turkey
 Christmas 2013
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Whelping room after latest remodel in 2014.   Dura whelp boxes with heating pad in
bottom until pups are approximately 3 weeks old  then box is put away and exercise
pens put around the walls to give puppies plenty of safe space. Paper and litterbox
training begins.  Daily progress out the gate to the main living area for play
sessions, then out the front door as they get big enough to navigate the route.  
Females close to whelping are not left alone and for the first few nights after
puppies are born, I continue to sleep in the whelping room.  The whelping rooms
are just off the main hall and in sight and hearing of us for close observation and
interaction.  The long hall and the front walk serve as obstacle corridors using
items like baskets, brooms, ladders, tubs and toys that change daily so that puppies
because used to a variety of  textures, footings and sounds. Bedding is changed at
least twice daily, the HE washer gets a workout, and the floors are kept mopped
and clean. I think a puppy that is kept clean in the litter learns to "be clean" easier
when they go home. Plus I don't like my home to smell dirty.
Clearing more field in 2015-16, giving
us more open space for dog training.