Rainmaker's Little Birdy Ann, JH

Annie is from our wonderful Maggie, MH.  Her sire is
also a Master Hunter as well as HRCH. Annie's
grandsires are FC AFC Pirate and NAFC FC Grady, in
fact, the first 3 generations are all FC AFC, MH
and/or GRHRCH titled.  

Annie is a smaller female at 50 lbs and carries
chocolate. She earned her JH in straight passes as a
youngster and will be running upper level HT next

Elbows LR-EL91078F26-VPI
EYE LR-EYE13294/5F-NOPI Updated 10-16-19
Pawprint genetics panel done-all clear

Pedigree link-click here
Paw Print Pedigrees Dog Seal