Rainmaker's Rough Ride, SH "Bounce"
(FC AFC Small Craft Advisory x Rainmakers Sunny Tahoe, MH)
Bounce's Sire: FC AFC Small Craft Advisory, "Rough" (FC AFC Teddy's for the
National Amateur Retriever Championship in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,
and 2010, making it to the 9th series, and the National Retriever
Championship in 2007 . At eight years old, he had a total of 110 All-Age points
(87 Amateur and 31.5 Open) with a total of 3 Open and 11 Amateur wins.
Rough sired many FC AFC and HT titled offspring. Rough was forced into early
retirement when one of his rear legs was amputated and his sperm count
was also affected, there was no frozen stored. Bounce was from one of his
last breedings before his injury/surgery. There isn't any more of "Rough",
which is too bad, he was really siring nice dogs.

Bounce's Dam:
Rainmakers Sunny Tahoe, MH,  my first Master Hunter.

Bounce is the daughter I kept from Rainey's last litter, by FC AFC Small Craft
Advisory, "Rough".  Bounce got her parents' marking ability and is a calm,
easier to handle dog at the line. She is  quiet and responsive, but hard driving
as well. She is 65 lbs of leggy muscle and lives up to her name, she has alot
of bounce in her movement and runs with joy. HUGE water entry. Bounce
earned her Senior Hunter title in 5 passes without a handle.  She has 3 MH

CERF normal
OFA: hips Excellent,  Elbows normal
EIC: Clear
CNM: clear by parentage
PRA clear
RD/OSD carrier
4 weeks to 11 months
Photos courtesy
of Jeff Goodwin
Rough's Sire, FC AFC Teddy's
Ebonstar James
*2001 National Amateur Finalist
*2002 National Amateur Finalist
*AFC Before 3rd Birthday
*FC As A 3 Year Old
*Youngest Dog 2000 National Am
*Qualified For 5 Nationals As A 5 Year
*Qualified For 2003 National Am
* 68 All-Age Points
*Acquired 27 All-Age Points In 2001
*Qual Win At 20 Months Of Age
*13 Derby Points (12 Starts)
#1 Sire of HRC dogs for many years,
even after his untimely, early passing.

Rough's dam: FC AFC Dutchman Gold
Midnight Eve, MH
Dam to 3 FC/AFC plus multiple HT
titled offspring.
Qualfied for 01 Nat Am (6 series) and
03 Nat Am (8 series).  Was still
running and passing MH tests at age
2001 MN State Pheasant Champ
(more family photos on Rainey's

Tahoe Mac's Dam, AFC Tahoe's
Mally Malarky, dam of 2 FC/AFC and
multiple other titled offspring,
incluing FC AFC Crow Rivers
Cougar's Mad Max, sire to my Luna.
11/7/93 – 4/15/07

Grandsire to both Rainey and Rough:
Top producing Labrador sire of all
time with over 150 Field Trial titled
offspring alone.
July, 2012