Rainmakers Chilian Red, "Chili", JH
(Waterstrike's Maximum Overdrive, MH x Rainmakers Sunny Tahoe, MH)

Chili was the "leftover" pup, just like her mom, of a
litter of 11 from my 2nd breeding of Rainey to Max.
Max was a compact 65 lb fox red male in my training
group who achieved his MH title at age three with a
first time handler/owner. Max was tragically killed in
an accident when he was four. Max's sire was 2x
NAFC FC Candlewoods Ramblin' Man. His dam was
Revilo's Waterstrike Rose (sibling to two CFC CAFC)
and Max was a full littermate to the 04 Canadian
National Junior Dog who is now CFC CAFC HRCH
Waterstrike Ramblin Bramble, CD. Chili's mom is my

Chili is now a stout 75 lbs, a more compact build and
fox red like her sire.  Her training was greatly
delayed by my lack of time but once we started, the
lightbulb quickly turned on. She is an excellent
marker and a wonderful hunting dog with a good
nose and intelligent hunt. She is a softer gentle
personality though she is hard going in the field and
very birdy. She is an excellent laid back housedog.

DOB: 1-28-06
OFA: LR-173499G25F, LR-EL38460F25-PI
CERF: LR-49709
CNM: clear LR-CNM08-165-F-PIV
EIC: clear-D08-041274
PRA: normal/clear
Chili with brother
Killian (left).
Chili (left) and
Aunt Streak
going for snow
Chili with visiting littermate
Chesney (left)