Rainmaker's Double Delight "DD"
Locked 'n' Loaded's Down and Dirty, MH x TNT Cherry Bomb Delight, JH
(FC AFC It's All Over Now Baby Blue x Heidl's Believe It Or Not, MH) (MHR TNT Bailey's Dynamite Drake x GMHR TNT Drifters Blast of Kyanne)

Rainmaker's Double Delight, "DD"
DOB 1-30-13
OFA hips good, elbows normal, eyes normal,
EIC/CNM/PRA/RD/OSD/Dilute clear. Yellow-factored.
65 lbs, tall/leggy, muscular dark chocolate. DD loves
water, high retrieve desire.

Sire: Locked 'N' Loaded's Down and Dirty, MH "Mud".
-AKC Master Title: 22 MONTHS OLD
-Qualified for AKC Master National 2011
-Consistent performer
-75 LBS of strong desire, drive and style
-Exceptional marker and handling dog
-Very trainable
-Great attitude
-Strong water entry
-Great temperament
-Very personable and wonderful house & family dog
-Mud is hunted extensively year round on waterfowl & upland
game in Canada and across the US.
-Mud is amateur trained, handled and is a waterfowl and upland
guide dog during the  hunting seasons.
Mud is
OFA good hips, normal elbows, CERF, EIC/CNM clear. Mud
already has a daughter with her Senior Hunter title at 10 months
and his full sister BB was a MH at 16 months. Mud's sire is FC AFC
Its All Over Now Baby Blue. His dam is Heidl's Believe it Or Not,
 Mud's webpage

Dam: Keegan is 65 lbs, a happy, fun dog with a sweet personality.
Great upland hunting dog that will point too. She is calm in the
holding blind and has no vocal issues. Gets along well with other
dogs and is good in the house. She has siblings and half siblings
with HT titles that are also wonderful hunting companions.

Both of Keegan's parents are titled in hunt test venues and are
excellent hunters as well as companions. See them at TNT
Vermillion River Kennels,
Drake & Kyanne.  Keegan is OFA hips
excellent, elbows normal, CERF, EIC/CNM clear.

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