FC AFC Mulligan Off The Rainy T x Port Bay's TNT Dynamite-Dyna, MH/QAA

DOB: 7-1-11
OFA: hips: LR-204564G24F-VPI
Elbows: LR-EL59751F24-VPI
CNM: clear via test
EIC: clear via test
PRA/RD/OSD/SD2 clear
Dilute free/tri-factored
Dyna: Great temperament, no vocal or line manner
issues, no health problems, nice coat. Solid in the
field, good in the house, spunky and fun-loving.  
Dyna is yellow and chocolate factored. Her puppies
are young but showing nice training aptitude and
earning HT titles.

Dyna has her Master Hunter title in AKC Hunting
Tests and is also Qualified All Age with 2 Qualifying
seconds and earned 8 Derby points with a win and a
second place. She has multiple MH and QAA

Mully: This good looking male started
demonstrating his talent early on with 22 Derby
points, including 3 wins, Qualifying win and Derby
win on the same weekend.  Open win right after he
turned 3 and finished both his FC and AFC in 2014.
2x National Amateur Finalist and qualified for
multiple Nationals and is heading off to Texas for
this year's National. Mully is 6 and running strong in
his prime.

Mully pups are showing promise, being very strong
markers with alot of drive.Some already QAA before
2, Derby List, HT titles.

Mully has multiple siblings who are FC, AFC, QAA,
MH, Derby points.  Mully's dam, Rainy, is QAA and
has AA points, including Amateur win. Her sire is FC
AFC Whitie IV, whose daughters have crossed very
well with Tiger.

Mully's sire is FC AFC Tiger, grandsire is NFC Prize,
greatgrandparents include 4 more NFC, NAFC,

He is nice size male, approximately 75 lbs, good
looking, good temperament.

OFA Hips good LR-199445G24M-VPI
OFA elbows normal LR-EL55883M24-VPI
Eyes normal RD/OSD clear, EIC/CNM clear,
puppies born 12/16. Sold.

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