Cresthill's Baking Cake at Rainmaker  
(CH Atlantic's Ace of Cakes at Big Sky x Cresthill's No Spin Zone, SH)

Ella came to us as a puppy from Cresthill Kennels as part of
our continual pursuit to build upon our foundation of
excellent working field Labs that look and act like Labradors.

Ella is 70 lbs of solid muscle underneath a true Labrador
double coat, water-repellent and insulating.  She is square
rather than leggy, lovely bone and head. She had a very nice
tail too until it got caught in a door and required surgery. She
is a very dark chocolate and very sweet.

Ella is athletic, quite capable of jumping and clearing heights,
running with the ATV and loves water. Loves to retrieve as
well.  Raised with my "all-field" Labs, she doesn't know any
different. She is FF/CC and will be running HT.

Pedigree-click here.

DOB 5/13/16
OFA hips excellent, elbows normal
LR-233932E24F-VPI, LR-EL84142F24-VPI

Eyes normal

EIC/CNM/PRA/RD/OSD/Dilute/CMS/SD2 clear. No yellow
Click here for link to Pawprints results.
Ella, 2 y/o, at
the vet
Ella & Ransom swimming video-click here

Ella in field video-click here

Ella and the hose

Ella retrieving, 11 months, before formal FF/CC.

Ella water retrieves as a puppy

Ella and Red being puppies