Rainmakers Hot Cajun Gumbo, JH
(GRHRCH, UH Dakota's Cajun Roux, MH x K-Lines Burning Desire, SH)

Gumbo was my girl from the day she was born, climbed out of the whelping box at
12 days old with eyes barely open and has been at my side ever since. She is tall
and leggy, 75 lbs, and is chocolate factored. She has a beautiful head, vibrant
coat and nice tail.

Gumbo is full of desire, doesn't give up on a bird, but is very stable and trainable.  
Willing to please and be a team player. Gumbo injured her elbow as a puppy and
while she is trained to handle, I opted not to pursue upper level HT with her. She
is plenty active and runs with the ATV and the rest of the pack.

Gumbo is always nearby, isn't annoyingly clingy but always near my feet, waiting
patiently. She has matured into a calm, easy going, friendly true Lab type with a
wonderful attitude. She is one of the prettiest black Lab females I've seen,
gorgeous head.

DOB: 9-18-06
OFA: hips Excellent LR-177679E24F-VPI
CERF: normal
CNM: clear by parentage
EIC: clear
PRA: clear

One day old.                                        Seven days old   
3 weeks old.                                            6 weeks old.
(no collar)
Gumbo's dam K-Line's Burning
Desire, SH, "Cayenne"
Daughter of NFC Maxx's Surprise x
Flinkers Ho Lot a Rosie, MH, an
Honest Abe daughter.
GRHRCH UH Dakota's Cajun Roux, MH