Rainmakers Joker's Deluxe, "Lexie"
(Hudson, SH x Rainmakers Jokes On Us)

Lexie was born in the third and final litter between
my Hudson and
Joker. She is a true combination of
both of her parents. Most of the time, she looks like
a smaller version of her dam. But sometimes, she
has her sire's look, especially his eyes and facial
expressions. She has the wonderful nose and hard
drive of both, a very birdy, intense retriever. She
loves to work and is a very good marker. She has
her mother's water fascination and will break ice to
swim.  Also like her dam, she has been a very good,
well-behaved housedog from the beginning, trusted
not to chew or get in trouble loose in the house from
an early age.

Lexie is a very well put together 75 lb dark chocolate
with a good coat, lovely head and nice, straight tail.
She has warm, amber eyes with her sire's
expressive eyebrows. She is a very loyal dog that
stays close to her people.

DOB: 4-7-07
OFA: LR-183228G28F-VPI, LR-EL44464F28-VPI
CERF: LR-49710 ('07, '09)
CNM: clear LR-CNM09-799-F-PIV
EIC: clear per U of M
Lexie's dam, Joker, age 7,
left, Joker's 1/2 sister Tippy,
age 10, middle, sire Hudson,
age 11, right.
Rudy, one of
Lexie's brothers.

Zoey, Lexie's older
Hudson & Lexie
Lexie 7 weeks old
Lexie & Joker