2014 Results for hunt tests/field trials

for dogs owned or bred (sire or dam) by us

Jersey Hammett earned her 2nd and 3rd JH passes in California on 11/15 and 11/16.

Wager & Temper's "Jersey" passed her first JH with owner Cyndie Hammett in California on 10/25.

Wager earned another second place at the Watopa FT Qualifying stake on 9/19, handled by me, making him QA2.

Ransom earned another Derby JAM at Hennepin on 9/12, handled by Tim Springer.

Ranger Perkins passed the Atlanta RC Senior Hunt Test on 9/12, at 15 months old.

Wager earned 2nd Place at the MFTA O/H Qualifying on 9/6 and is now QAA.

Ranger Perkins, JH, passed the NE FL Seasoned HRC test on 9/7.

HRCH Allie Stuckel, MH, passed the Finished test at Key City HRC on 9/7

Sarge Fox finished his JH title with 4 straight passes, making his owner Tim Fox very happy and proud, his first dog running Hunt Tests.

Rainmaker's Mystic Mila, SH, owned by Wendi Mattinen and trained/handled by Tim Springer, earned 2nd Place at the Duluth Qualifying on 8/29 and is now Qualified All Age.

Ransom ran and passed his first SH, Rumor her first JH, Sarge Fox (Tim Fox) passed both JH at Northern Flight, while Remi Campbell passed her 2nd SH at Manitowoc 8/23.

Remi Campbell (FC Lucky x Streak, SH) ran and passed her first SH at Island View on 8/16.

Bounce passed the Master at Hennepin on 8/10.

"Jake" Poat (Cooper x Sugar) passed his first SH at Yankee Waterfowler.Maggie & Bounce passed their first Master run for the season at Watopa Retriever Club, 8/3.

Ransom finished another Derby with a JAM at Central Minnesota.

FC AFC Ruger finished 4th in the Colorado Women's Am on 7/24.

Tim Fox and Sarge (Mud x Keegan) passed their first JH at Chippewa Valley on 7/19.

Wager earned another 3rd place in the O/H Qualifying at Chippewa Valley on 7/18.

Pria finished her JH title at Fox Valley on 7/12.

Rainmaker's Southern Gamble, "Wager", received 3rd place at the Blackhawk O/H Qualifying on 7/11.

French River Toby (Stoney x Maggie) passed her first JH with owner/trainer Bob Allie on 6/27.

Rainmaker's Foxy Beauty "Pria" (Rooster/Chili, owner Larry Freidig) is 3/3 on JH passes.

Fire (Rooster x Bounce, Chris Smith/owner) finished her JH title going 4/4 at CMRC on 6/13

Rainmaker's Lambeau Storm, SH, (Cecil Brown, owner) earned her first Master Hunter pass at Island View.

Handsome Ransom earned another JAM at the West Central Retriever Club Derby on 5/31, handled by Tim Springer.

Black Ice's Rainmaker's Fire (owner, Chris Smith) earned her first two JH passes at Wis Am HT, as did Larry Freidig's Rainmaker's Foxy Beauty. Fire is Rooster x Bounce, Pria is Rooster x Chili.

Forneris' Cioccolato Altezza SH, (Jim Forneris) finished her Senior Title on 5/18 at Eastern IA HT.

Ransom got RJ at NWIRC Derby, while Wager and Mila both got Jams in the Qualifying there. All handled by Tim Springer.

Pam Campbell earned her first HT title with her FC Lucky x Streak, SH daughter, Remi, by finishing her JH at Manitowoc on 5/16. Winnie, MH, also ran Manitowoc with her own/trainer Mike Vaughn, and passed both Masters.

Ransom ran and Jammed his first Derby and Wager Jammed the Qualifying at Tulsa FT on 5/10, both dogs handled by Tim Springer.

Winnie, MH, earned a JAM in the Qualifying at Madison, 5/2.

Winnie, MH, passed another MH at West Allis on 4/26.

Winnie, MH, owned and handled by Mike Vaughn, won the Top Gun Championship Flusher, Wisconsin Series, April 12th.

Forneris' Ciocolatto Altezza (Riley, MH/QAA x Keegan, JH) passed her 4th SH on 4/26.

Coheelee's Rainmaker Ranger (Erik, MH x Cedar) earned his JH with 4th straight pass on April 5th at 10 months old. Ranger is owned by Jeanette Perkins.

Rainmaker's Mystic Mila, SH earned another Qualifying JAM on 3/21, owned by Wendi Mattinen, trained/handled by Tim Springer.

The Blast's Winning Streak, MH (Cooper, MH x Sugar, JH) passed a double MH at North Alabama on 2/28. Winnie is owned, trained and handled by Mike Vaughn.