2020-2021 Results for hunt tests/field trials
(combined due to so many covid cancellatons)

Gina & Jon Pfister's Ready Set Go MH earned 6 Master passes to complete her MH title. She is daughter of our 2018 Ransom, MH/QAA x Maggie, MH breeding.

The Slaney's Jackson earned his first JH pass. Jackson is Wager, MH/QA2 x Reva, MH.

Our Rueben earned his Senior Hunter title at 19 months of age.

Rainmaker's Lochlan on Summit, owned by the Hawksfords, ran his first Master tests and earned 4 passes. Loch is from our NAFC FC Mully x Dyna, MH/QA2 breeding. Another Mully x Dyna pup, Remi, MH, earned 5 more MH passes. She is owned and handled by Jeff Brown. Third pup from this litter, Rocket's Hotter Than a Chimney Fire "June", National Derby Finalist and QA2, finished 3 AA stakes with 2 Open and 1 Am "green". June is owned by the Jumps. From the repeat breeding in 2017, Yogi, owned by the McMorrow's, finished his MH title and Molly is running Canadian Trials and has 5 points in Qual.

Mark Frazier's Blaze earned his JH title, Blaze is Wager, MH/QA2 x Dyna, MH/QA2, 2019 litter. Same breeding but 2018 litter, Rusty Haglund's Malli finished her JH title and got a couple SH passes too.

Mark & Karen Vossbein bred Wager to their Sage MH and kept Vinny and Etta J. Vinney has 4 MH passes, Etta J complete 6 passes to earn her MH title.

Steve and Jody Smith have Ember from Ransom, MH/QAA x Bounce, SH (3MH passes) 2019 litter. Ember finished her SH title and earned a MH pass. Steve also trained Ember's littermate Riley to her JH title before she was a year old.

Ramsey, from Wager, MH/QA2 x Wendi Mattinen's Emmy, MH, finished his JH title and earned 3 passes towards his SH title.

Mariah, MH, 2019 litter of Ransom and DD, earned her MH before 2 years of age and also passed the Master National without a handle. Mariah is owned, trained and handled by DeWayne Glazewski, who also has a Journey x Tesla pup from us (2020). Misty earned her JH title this summer by her first birthday.

Chris Cornelious also has a Ransom x DD pup, Stella, who finished her JH at 7 months then her SH title this season and she won't be 2 until January.

Another Wager/Mila pup earned a MH pass in the only test she ran this season, Lucy, MH, owned by Andy Platz.

Craig Minder's Drama earned 10 Master passes in 20/21. She is from his breeding to Wager with his Sweet Annie, MH.

Lincoln Biermann's Dixie earned her SH title in 2020, Dixie is Wager x Reva. From the same breeding, Cory Loeffler's Rue earned her MH title (at 2 y/o) and Cinder earned her JH title.

GRHRCH UH Thornapples Raz-Ma-Taz MH owned, trained and handled by Tom Jelsema, racked up another 10 MH passes. Taz is FC AFC Snapper x Dyna, MH/QA2 (same litter as Rainmaker's Mischievous Chief, MH).

Soloman "Solly" owned by the Furlongs, earned another 8 MH passes and passed the Master National as well. Solly is NAFC FC Mully x Maggie, MH.

Rhu-B, a Tizzy/Fisher daughter, finished her JH title, owned by Rod Fowler.

Dan Phelps' Penny finished her JH and SH titles. She is Wager x Bounce.

Greg Peyer and Bucky not only finished his Master Hunter title but also got a Qualifying 2nd, making him Rainmaker's Buckingham of Springfield, MH/QAA. Bucky is Greg's first HT dog and Bucky is primarily his hunting companion, they cover a lot of grounds and birds.

Mike Vaughn at The Blast continued running Winnie, MH23 (Cooper/Sugar), and HRCH Journey, MH (littermate to my Reva, MH) in bird dog challenge events, earning a whole bunch of titles and trophies throughout the season.