Rainmaker's Southern Gamble, MH/QA2 x Rainmaker's Pink is the New Red

(NAFC FC Cody Cut a Lean Grade x Kaney Bayou's Perfect Ten, MH) (FC AFC Snapper x Temper, MH)

Wager is the son of National Amateur Field Champion
Grady, who has sired multiple FC/AFC and TWO
National Champions, including  NAFC Traveller and
NFC Gizmo, many Derby list dogs, QAA, and many,
many HT titles. Grady is a phenomenal producer of
both talent and stable, trainable Labradors. Wager's
dam is a Master Hunter from a solid field pedigree
herself. Wager has siblings who are Qualified All Age,
Derby points, HT titles. Some of Wager's offspring
have now earned HT titles as well. Tim
Springer/Dynamic Retrievers, did all of Wager's
foundation work, as well as Reva's, and has trained
puppies from Wager as well.

Wager is Qualified All Age. He ran 10 Qualifying
stakes in 2014, finished 5 of them with 2 Jams, 2
Thirds and then 2 Seconds. He finished his MH title in
2016.  He is a good looking, well-built dog with
excellent temperament. He tries hard and always
eager to please. He is 80 lbs solid muscle, hips OFA
excellent/elbows normal, eyes normal,
EIC/CNM/PRA/RD/OSD/Dilute clear and also has a
clear/normal heart echo/exam via cardiologist this
year. Wager is throwing sensible, trainable puppies
and has HT titled and QAA offspring.

Reva is daughter of my Temper, MH and FC AFC
Topshelf's Snap Decision. She is 50 lbs of go. Very
good marker, takes good, straight lines, very watery.
Earned a Derby 4th, only ran a few. She is  at
Qualifying level in training. Reva is OFA excellent as
are multiple of her siblings, elbows normal,
EIC/CNM/PRA/RD/OSD/Dilute clear.

Puppies born 10/11/17, females and 1 male available,
ranging from fox red to medium yellow in shade
$1500 fox red, $1200 yellow, with $300 deposit.

Puppy Pedigree-click here

4 week puppy video, click here

6 girls, pink, orange, white, yellow, dot and
no-collar. Boys are green and blue collars.