Rainmaker's Bella Rouge, JH
(Rainmaker's Southern Gamble, MH/QA2 x Rainmaker's Mystic Mila, MH/QAA

Rouge is from the final breeding of Wager and Mila.  
Earlier breedings produced Master Hunters, Qual
placements and fantastic hunters and family
companions. Looks, intelligence, accomplishments,
temperament, health clearances, this pedigree has it

Wager has his own page here and can't say enough
good about him. Rouge's dam Mila was from our
breeding of Torg's Stoney, MH/QAA to our
Bella, MH
(a Cosmo daughter). Wendi Mattinen bought Mila as
a puppy and Tim and Lauren Springer ran her
through their program, achieved her MH title and
earned many Qualifying finishes including the
second place to make her QAA. Rouge would also be
a great niece to our
Luna, MH/QAA.

Rouge is about 60 lbs, taller/leggier and with a good
coat. She is a deep fox red in shade, lovely calmer
temperament around the house and listens well in
the field. She was ready to run Senior last summer
and we hope to get back on track for that in the
spring and continue on through her Master title.

Elbows LR-EL96976F26-VPI
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