Dynamic Fisherman, MH/QAA x Rainmaker's All Worked Up
(NAFC FC Barton Creek O' Mustad x Wyldfire's Island Spice, JH CGC) (Rainmaker's Working Class Payday, MH/QAA x Rainmakers Hot Cajun Gumbo, JH)
partner started over the winter and be ready to rock next

Stellar temperaments and looks in both parents, plus all the
bells and whistles like OFA hips/elbows/eyes, and clear of

Sire: Dynamic Fisherman, MH/QAA (NAFC FC Barton Creek’s O’
Mustad x Wyldfire’s Island Spice, JH, a Pirate daughter).  
Fisher exemplifies Labrador temperament, combined with
tractability and talent. He has sired multiple HT-titled offspring
including Master Hunters and a QAA son too, and is on his way
to the Master National in Oregon with his owner/trainer,
Lauren Springer.
OFA hips: LR-197041G24M-VPI , Elbows: LR-EL59587M41-VPI,
Eyes: LR-EYE1753/41M-VPI   and tested clear of EIC, LR-
EIC08/75F-PI, CNM, LR-CNM07-440-F-PI and PRA.

Rainmaker’s All Worked up, “Tizzy”.  Chocolate daughter
of two black parents, my
Ransom, MH/QAA, and Gumbo, JH. I
did that breeding specifically to get a pup for myself and Tizzy
has met all my expectations. Big, gorgeous and gregarious,
lives to retrieve and extreme love of water, excellent in the
OFA hips: LR-225433E25F-VPI, elbows: LR-EL76834F25-VPI,
eyes normal, both parents tested clear of EIC, CNM, PRA, Tizzy
is also tested clear of RD/OSD, SD2, CMS, MH and dilute.

As always, puppies are whelped and raised in my home. They
are right in the middle of normal household chaos, multiple
dogs, visitors, door bells ringing, vacuuming, etc. They are
also purposely introduced to a multitude of different sights,
sounds and surfaces, there is a TV in their room playing
various videos so they are hearing a variety of voices,
gunfire, duck calls and other sounds.  Dewclaws removed,
first vaccination, microchip and will be vet checked at 6
weeks. Complete puppy packet, weekly updates and breeder

Ready to start going home Saturday, November 3rd.  Shipping
also available, at buyer’s expense. $900 with $300 deposit to

4 week video-click here.  

Puppy pedigree-click here