Rainmaker's Southern Gamble, MH/QA2 x Rainmaker's Mystic Mila, MH/QAA

(NAFC FC Cody Cut a Lean Grade x Kaney Bayou's Perfect Ten, MH) (Whiteoak & BC's Stoney Burke, MH/QAA x Bella, MH)

Wager is the son of National Amateur Field Champion
Grady, who has sired multiple FC/AFC and TWO
National Champions, including  NAFC Traveller and
NFC Gizmo, many Derby list dogs, QAA, and many,
many HT titles. Grady is a phenomenal producer of
both talent and stable, trainable Labradors. Wager's
dam is a Master Hunter from a solid field pedigree
herself. Wager has siblings who are Qualified All Age,
Derby points, HT titles. Some of Wager's offspring
have now earned HT titles as well. Tim
Springer/Dynamic Retrievers, did all of Wager's
foundation work, as well as Mila's, and has trained
puppies from both of them as well. Lauren Springer
ran both in MH.

Wager is Qualified All Age. He ran 10 Qualifying
stakes in 2014, finished 5 of them with 2 Jams, 2
Thirds and then 2 Seconds. He finished his MH title in
2016.  He is a good looking, well-built dog with
excellent temperament. He tries hard and always
eager to please. He is 80 lbs solid muscle, hips OFA
excellent/elbows normal, eyes normal,
EIC/CNM/PRA/RD/OSD/Dilute clear and also has a
clear/normal heart echo/exam via cardiologist.

Rainmaker's Mystic Mila, MH/QAA, "Mila" is from my
last breeding of my Bella, MH to Stoney, MH/QAA, sire
of my Temper & Sugar. Mila is OFA hips good, elbows
normal, EIC/CNM clear, eyes clear. She is a bigger
girl, 70 lbs. Good natured and good marker.  

Wager & Mila's have produced excellent offspring,
great in the field and home as well as being easy on
the eyes. One son, Vinny, passed his first two Senior
Hunter tests last fall and others are working on
Hunting Test titles as well. Puppies will be EIC/CNM
clear via their parents, and can't be affected by PRA

Due in April, home in June, contact Wendi for more
info on these puppies. 218-428-9370, Duluth, MN

Puppy Pedigree-click here
Previous litter puppy photos-click here
6 week puppy video-click here

Pups from Wager & Mila's first litter
Two blacks on left are
from Wager/Mila. Nice
Black pup on right
is from Wager/Mila.